An Essential Guide to Olive Oil, for Wine Enthusiast

I’m terribly behind in updating the blog, but am so thrilled with how this story turned out that I want to go ahead and post it. I’ll update the site to share a few new features that have posted since last November soon. (They are all on the Travel Journalism page.) This story has aContinue reading “An Essential Guide to Olive Oil, for Wine Enthusiast”

Winemaking in Fredericksburg, Texas is a Local Art

I loved working on this piece, and talking with so many creative and passionate winemakers and industry professionals in Fredericksburg, Texas. Growing conditions pose a unique challenge, as the growing season is short due to high heat and late autumn freezes. Winemakers in Texas Hill Country are finding the varietals that will thrive by experimentingContinue reading “Winemaking in Fredericksburg, Texas is a Local Art”